that damn thing……………fashion!

Sooooo like most girls, I love clothes, shoes, bags, and jewelry. Some things get more points than others but in a word, I am into fashion.

Why? I have asked myself this many a time. I have many reasons but the one that intrigues me the most is that you can influence what someone looking at you thinks of you just by the way you are dressed. And inadvertently change the way you are feeling. I mean you could give any impression and create any mood!

You may wake up really depressed and throw on a hot pink shift dress, the right heels and voila! everyone thinks you are smoking hot and out go the blues! Genius!!

But then there is the crazy fashion side – like the insane pain we put ourselves in for the sake of wearing that oh-so-sexy heel on that oh-so-hot date; or those absolutely ridiculous outfits we see on some runways and think ‘Really?!’ only to later see some alleged fashion icon sporting the entire look.

Many fashion choices are made with the aim to look good, but several are also made in an attempt to look different. But while we are trying to be different, we could end up looking a hot mess! Or even worse, the same!!

So what’s my rule of thumb? I just pick things I like and dress for my different moods.

Oh and hope for the best!!

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